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  • 久和泰公司简介

    Tianjin long Thai television culture Communication Co., Ltd., in film and television production, wedding wedding, advertising planning, tourism business as the main products. Uphold the Confucian thought, honest, open up the market to integrate, morally, international film culture communication experience, China culture essence.

  • Jiu He Tai Company Profile

    Tianjin Jiu HeTai Television Culture Communication Company was established in 2015. Its registered capital of 3 million yuan, for film and television production, tourism product information. It uphold intellectual businessman thought, with sincerity, live morally.

  • 公司创始人简介


  • Company founder's profile

    Zhu Zhijiu, Mainland new director, Tianjin, China,In 2000,he entered the film and television industry learning and development, His works include "Happy Life of Yang Guang", "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" and so on. In 2014.

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Film and Television culture

When we are talking about the movie is talking about the experience of life. Through each other, intersection, awaken memories, growth experiences, gain new knowledge, comfort, enlightenment, and more courage to life. Film is that we will actually thoughts expression on the media such as paper, film, notes of a brand, is that we want to learn about the world of a little effort, maybe sometimes movies it is to our life, and the movie brings us happiness, enrich the life, also let us learn to think.



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Company to film and television production, planning, publicity, micro film production, special (film) production, variety shows, animation, animation and other production programs, film and television drama, such as post production. The company provides the overall solution of the movie and TV drama culture communication, and comprehensively promotes the customer image. Companies adhering to the "create the market, leading the trend, the public service" service concept, through the combination of international experience and local television culture communication of cultural dissemination wisdom, create first-class service, exceed customer expectations, to win the trust of customers, leading the industry direction.


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